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Larsen's Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Sizer

  All Larsen's Architectural models begin with ''2409'' and are then followed by a suffix.

The suffix determines which trim is furnished along with the basic cabinet.  All models use the same basic cabinet.

The most critical factor is wall depth. You must first know your available wall depth before selecting a model.

Next, check for models that hold the extinguisher size required (5, 10, or 20 lb).

Lastly, look to see if the model meets ADA requirements.

Example: Available wall depth is 4'', extinguisher required is 10 lb.
Model 6R meets the requirements of the application and meets ADA requirements as well.

NOTE: Model R4 only meets ADA requirements if mounted a specific distance from the floor.

Steel Cabinet with White Baked Enamel Finish
(paintable in the field)
Meets ADA Model Trim Projection Extinguisher Size Wall Depth Required
Yes 2409-R1 5/16'' 5 lb ABC 5-1/4''
Yes 2409-R2 5/16'' 10 lb ABC 6-1/4''
Yes 2409-R3 2-1/2'' 5 lb ABC 3''
Yes 2409-R4 3-1/2'' 10 lb ABC 3''
Yes 2409-5R 1-1/2'' 5 lb ABC 4''
Yes 2409-6R 2-1/2'' 10 lb ABC 4''
No 2409-RA 4'' 10 lb ABC 2-1/2''
No 2409-RM 4-1/2'' 10 lb ABC 2''
No 2409-SM N/A 10 lb ABC N/A

Step 2: Select Door Style

Four styles are available:

FG = Full Glass
HD = Horizontal Duo
VD = Vertical Duo
SD = Solid Door
Step 3: Select Door Options

The most popular options are listed below:
Lettering: You may choose from no lettering, die cut lettering or decal lettering. Die cut makes for the nicest finished look but is slightly more expensive.
Glass: The standard glass panel is made from acrylic, but you may also select tempered glass or wire glass.
Lock: Cabinets come without locks standard but a lock may be added.

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