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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Made in the USA

The majority of fire extinguisher cabinets are made in the USA. With the superior quality and the jobs American products provide, you can be assured that the products you purchase will last. Many consumers search out products that are made in the USA as where a product made can give you peace of mind knowing you can contact the manufacturer with any questions or concerns.

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JL Industries | Buy Online 
JL Industries has production facilities Bloomington Minnesota and California. They have been known for their quality fire extinguishers, cabinets and accessories for over 65 years. Their fire extinguisher cabinets and the majority of their other products are produced in this 84,000 square feet production facility featuring robotic welding and CNC cutting. The quality of their cabinets is recognizable and they stay up to date on on the latest technology. They are known for having "the widest selection of extinguisher, valve and hose cabinets in the world."

Larsen's | Buy Online
Larsen's has been manufacturing quality building construction and fire protection equipment for over 45 years. They proudly manufacture most of their fire cabinets and fire protection equipment out of their production facilities in Minneapolis and Florida. Their fire extinguisher cabinets are designed for all types of buildings and are equipped with conventional door styles such as full glass door glazing, vertical duo door glazing and solid door glazing. Larsen's takes the quality of their cabinets seriously and constructs their cabinets with the best materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.

CATO| Buy Online
CATO Manufactures all of their products in the USA, they are located in Orlando, FL. There are many benefits to manufacturing their products in the United States of America. Of course, the most obvious is that they are providing Americans with jobs. But perhaps the most important is the quality of the product is so much better than overseas competition. They use a higher grade of plastic that will last longer in the field. The Cato Chief also has thicker frames in order to brace the extinguisher with than our inferior, overseas competition. The emergency access break panels are cut and scored from virgin acrylic Plaskolite which has a much longer U.V. resistance than the crystal polystyrene panels used by our competitor. Our side identifying "FIRE"  labels on each cabinet body are made with U.V. resistant ink, unlike the overseas competitors.



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