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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Manufacturers

There are a few fire extinguisher cabinet manufacturers whose names are recognized for quality. JL Industries, Strike First, Larsen's and Potter Roemer are by far some of the best Fire Cabinets Manufacturers selling cabinets on the market today.

JL Industries | Buy Online

JL Industries is part of Activar CPG. JL Industries is located in Bloomington, MN. JL Industries has 8 warehouses across the United States and many of their products are Made in the USA. With Nationwide warehouse coverage, products ordered through JL Industries can ship faster with many in-stock items shipping within 24 hours.  JL Industries are known not only for their Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, but also for their Fire Extinguishers. JL Fire Extinguishers are sold with specific Fire Extinguisher State Tags per state. Here are are OSHA requirements regarding Fire Extinguisher Tags. 

Larsen's | Buy Online

Larsen's Manufacturing has been in the business of selling fire extinguisher cabinets and fire safety equipment for over 45 years. Larsen's Manufacturing has two Nationwide locations; Minneapolis and Florida to cover both the East and West coast. Larsen's Manufacturing is known for having one of the largest product lines in the Fire Safety Industry. They offer fire-rated cabinets, access panels, detention cabinets and a full line of fire hose and fire department valve cabinets. Larsen's Semi-Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinets come in three different door styles; Vertical Duo, Solid Door and Full Glass. Larsen's Fire Extinguisher Cabinets come with an optional Larsen's Lock® that allows access to the cabinet when locked without requiring the breaking of glass. In case of emergency, it permits the cabinet door to be opened simply by pulling sharply on the handle. Factory applied decal reads: "IN CASE OF FIRE ONLY - PULL FIRMLY ON HANDLE"

Strike First | Buy Online

Strike First Corporation of America offers a variety of products ranging from Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers and Safety Products. Whether you need a 10 lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher or a Semi-Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Fire Rated CT, Strike First carries it. Strike First Corporation also offers a Centurion Portable Fire Extinguisher Stand for use in plants, marinas, docks, piers or anywhere a Fire Extinguisher is required. The portability allows you to move the stand from location to location offering safety in places where a traditional Fire Extinguisher Cabinet would not work.

Potter Roemer

Potter Roemer Fire Safety Company was founded over 75 years ago. Potter Roemer is a division of Acorn Engineering. Acorn Engineering is a member of USGBC. Their Manufacturing facility is located outside of Los Angeles, CA. They offer a wide range of fire safety equipment. Many of Potter Roemer Fire Safety Products are used by local fire departments. Potter Roemer currently has a patent pending on their new Cap-It for Fire Hydrants. The Cap-It protects fire hydrants from trash, contamination and vandalism. The design of the Cap-It also lets the fire department know immediately that the connection has not been vandalized. The Cap-It is easily removed with standard equipment from the fire department. Potter Roemer offers a variety of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets for Portable Fire Extinguishers. Models come in Powder-Coated Steel. The doors come in  Full Glass, Solid and Vertical Duo styles.

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