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Warnock Hersey Mark

The Warnock Hersey Mark, issued by Intertek, is North America’s most recognized product safety and performance mark for building products.  Building and construction materials bearing the WH Mark indicate to your customers and end-users that your product has complied with relevant building codes and association criteria as well as product safety and performance standards.

The mark also signifies that the product’s manufacturing site(s) undergo periodic follow up inspections to ensure the ongoing compliance of the originally certified product. In short, a field inspection consists of line sampling and inspection to ensure that the product continues to be manufactured in the same manner as the product which was originally certified.

A WHI Mark with a “US” identifier at the 4 o’clock position indicates that the product meets US standards. A WHI Mark with a “C” identifier at the 8 o’clock position indicates that the product meets Canadian standards.

Today, the mark appears on thousands of building and construction products, from hearth products and fenestration materials to hardware, manufactured wood, fire extinguisher cabinets, access panels, plumbing, roofing, and various other products such as pools and spas.

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